Achieving the highest quality products
Is not just a procedure of operation,
but the philosophy of our work!


As of 06.03.2023, the diagnostic kit designed to for identification of Staphylococcus aureus strains has been withdrawn from sale.

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Since the beginning, due to our strong scientific background, our tests have been the fastest among those available on the market, designed to the highest standards, innovative and reliable. Achieving the highest quality of products is not only about a procedure, but most of all, our work philosophy.

Our Value

By choosing Biomex as your partner, you choose highly specialized technologies, quick adaptation to the quantitative and qualitative requirements of your customers, beneficial transaction conditions, punctuality.

Our Reputation

The Biomex company has existed since 1989 specializing in production of high quality latex reagents for microbiological laboratory diagnostics. They have been appreciated so far by numerous Polish and international users, who have done more than several million marks by our tests to this day.


Presently, Biomex continues to systematically develop and market successive latex tests in order to meet the growing market needs and customers’ expectations.


All Biomex latex tests have the European CE certificate.


We are pleased to inform You that Latex VTEC allready go on sale!

Please check our new catalogue.